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About Us

Hey I'm Lawna I'm the CEO of Majestic Apparel and Kid Couture Shop. I'm A Mother of seven Beautiful children, two with Autism and one with heart disease. Christian Woman, firm believer in God. This has always been A dream from childhood to own my own Boutique. Without God this would all be non existent. 

I'm a fashion stylist, Fashion Merchandiser, Fashion Buyer/designer, A beauty Advisor, Entrepreneur, I'm a writer/poet, A philanthropist, content creator, A Visionary and A Mentor. 

I guess you are wondering what I have to offer here at Majestic? Majestic is my happy place  where I can unleash my authenticity. I created this website by myself with trial and error. My brand is Retro Chic. My intent is to bring you something a lot different from the norm. I will still carry some ON Trend pieces. Quality and Awesome Customer Service is A guarantee. The Goal is to take you from functional to Fashionable. Effortless Pieces that are game changers to elevate your styling needs. My intent also is to target women on the go, in business, mothers, etc. Us women wear many hats. And we tend to at times unintentional overlook ourselves (not all but many.) I want Majestic to be A memorable gift to you, Pamper yourselves with items that not only looks good but feels good too. Us women need to be celebrated. And here we do just that. Our Mens line is coming soon but for now it's about us!

Being in the fashion and beauty industry has been LIFE CHANGING!! I wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world. I'm so excited to bring you all through this Journey. So many things to look forward to here. I can't wait to show off one of many Talents and creativity here. Your order/ package will be made with love, care and thoughtfulness, from my family to you!! Also Please be on the look out We have A Children's Online Apparel Shop Coming Soon June 2021.

Majestic is something you not only see but it's an experience! I'm here to assist you with any of your fashion and beauty needs. And stay tuned for what's to come. I have had some major Delays and setbacks but It's only up from here. Beating Covid a Year Ago and Now having Fibromyalgia due to having Covid has altered my life, but I persevere. I thank you All for visiting and choosing to shop with me.

PS. Feel free to Email me with any   questions, Collaborations, etc.  Email:


Thanks Again And God Bless

XOXO- Lawna CEO of Majestic Apparel